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Your Ministry Resource for Spiritual Growth and Discipleship Books, Bibles, and Bible Studies. Find more resources like "Finding Home", Navigator 2:7 Discipleship Series, and "The Ways of the Alongsider".

Navigator Church Ministries

Want your church to be a place where people become disciples and then make disciples?

We’re here to help.

Navigator Neighbors

Continue to learn to love your neighbor with webinars and other training seminars.

Navigators Digital Discipleship Journeys®

Your free Digital Discipleship Journey will include:

• A series of 8 to 13 weekly emails designed to help you grow spiritually, curated based on your answers to some brief questions about your walk with God

• Access to newly designed versions of our most popular discipleship resources and some brand new ones!

• Advice on how to use these easy-to-use resources to help friends become gripped by the gospel and begin their own adventure with God

• Power-packed biblical truth that will boost your faith and help you bring others on the journey

Everyday Discipleship App

The Everyday Discipleship app is designed in a mobile-friendly format to make discipleship easier than ever, offering our best Navigator resources to help you grow in Christ and help others do the same. This tool is specially crafted with features that will equip you or those you are discipling to:

  • Follow a personalized step-by-step discipleship journey
  • Explore simple, shareable resources and tools
  • Organize prayers and next steps for others you disciple

Disciplemaking Movement Habits App

Each module discusses one of the seven habits. The format of the modules includes:

  • Vision and scriptural basis for the habit (This is the heart of the app so that the practitioners will be convinced by Scripture, rather than by human wisdom.)
  • Teaching about the habit
  • Examples of how to practice the habit
  • Encouragement to choose one method of practicing the habit that week
  • Following the first module, an encouraging check-in for how the habit was practiced

Bill Mowry Books

Resources from the author of the Alongsider and Walk With Me.

Experience Together App

This is a simple, doable, traansformative tool to help two or more friends learn from the life and ministry of Jesus in a vivid and engaging way.

Bless Every Home 

Bless Every Home gives you and your church the tools to get to know your local community by name, and to bless the lives of those around you by praying for, caring for and sharing the Gospel with them. (not Navigator)